Are you currently struggling with:

    • Trust and communication issues
    • Frequent conflict and arguments
    • Feeling emotionally distanced and on the verge of separation
    • Specific problems such as sexual difficulties, infidelity, money, and parenting?

Whether you are dating, engaged, newly married or in a long-term marriage or committed relationship, you can reach a point where you just feel stuck. If you are at a standstill, unsure of how to improve or salvage the relationship, or are questioning if it's even possible, counseling can help.

As a Gottman Method trained therapist, our goals will focus on increasing closeness and friendship, addressing conflict in a thoughtful and productive manner, and building a life of shared meaning.  Each relationship, although unique, does follow a particular pattern or system that follows rules and patterns. Building awareness of the system you have both created allows for the possibility of change, growth and healing.

For added convenience, I also offer live video or telephone therapy.

Please take advantage of my free consultation by calling me at (360) 474-3252, emailing me at, or texting me 360-474-3252. You may also click on the button below to complete a more in-depth contact form.