Are you concerned about:
    • Compulsive or Addictive Sexual Behavior
    • Pornography Addiction
    • Compulsive masturbation?
    • Objectifying people?
    • Feeling stuck in your career, your marriage, or your friendships
    • Wanting to learn how to connect more with others, to learn about intimacy
    • Finding your passion in a career
    • Feeling depression or anxiety
    • Feeling overwhelmed or stressed?

If you are struggling with compulsive sexual behavior, including pornography addiction, you have likely been struggling for some time now. Perhaps you have tried to address your behavior before but did not achieve the results you were hoping for. Why consider working with me? I understand this area intimately, having counseled men, women, and couples for almost 20 years.. 

I can help you in two profound ways. One, I can help you understand the cycle or system of your behavior and help you learn the tools to replace compulsive thoughts and urges with more positive actions. Two, I can help you discover the root causes of your behavior and how to dig in to the feelings that have always been beneath the compulsive behavior. Whether you are working through a recent problem or a longer-term issue, I will help you identify not only how to deal with the problem but rather recognize the patterns and root causes.

Telephone and Video remote therapy are both available.